I kassan skriver ni i ordernoteringar vad ni vill att det skall stå på baksidan av er mugg eller era muggar. Om inget anges där så trycks det motiv ni har beställt på båda sidor.

Tänk på att dubbelkolla er stavning. Vi kopierar er text och skriver således inte in det manuellt.


Each item is listed with price including VAT (Swedish moms). In the shopping cart you can see the total price including all fees, VAT and shipping. Payment terms are stated in the shopping cart depending on the chosen payment method.

Shipping terms are stated in the shopping cart depending on the selected shipping method. Free shipping does not apply to profile advertising.


Your right of cancelation (cancel period) is valid for 14 days.
In your message to me, it must be clear that you regret it. The withdrawal period begins on the day you receive the order or a significant part of it.
See the return section below for information on return shipping.

You have no right of cancelation if:

  1. If the cancelation period is overdue.
  2. If it is custom-made product or a product that has been given a clear personal touch, there is no right of withdrawal.
  3. If the product in not in a good a condition as when you received it. You must not use it, but of course carefully examine it. If the product is damaged or lost due to negligence, you lose the right of withdrawal.

When you have exercised your right of cancelation:

The product(s) must be sent back to me with traceable shipping.


When you place your order with me, you provide your personal information. In connection with your registration and order, you agree that the store can use your information in our business to fulfill the agreement with you. According to the Personal Data Act, you have the right to receive the information we have registered about you. If it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that the information be corrected or deleted. In that case, contact us by e-mail (


This online store uses cookies according to the Electronic Communications Act, 25 July 2003.
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and which contains information to help the online store identify and track users. Cookies are available as session cookies and as cookies that are stored permanently on your computer. During your first visit to the online store, your browser will be assigned a session cookie that is unique and used to not confuse you as a user with other users. In order to use the online store, you should allow cookies in your browser. This type of cookie is only used to give you as a visitor a better experience and support and does not store any personal information about you. Cookies can be deleted. In this online store, cookies are used, for example, to keep track of your shopping cart, your settings and which pages you have visited in order to give you a better customer experience and support.


The delivery time is stated in the shopping cart under each shipping method. If an item has a different delivery time, it is stated next to the respective item.



Om din mugg skulle vara trasig när den kommer fram så hör av dig. Det skall vi allt kunna fixa till!


Returns are made at your own expense unless the item is defective or if we have packed incorrectly. Returns should be sent as a traceable letter or package, not against cash on delivery. In case of exchanges, we pay the new shipping from us to you.

Once you have exercised your right of cancelation, you must:

  1. in the case of an item: send or return it to us as a traceable letter or package.
  2. in the case of a service: keep the material available to us, unless it causes inconvenience to you.

Repayment obligation:

We shall, if you have exercised your right of cancelation, repay what you have paid for the product as soon as possible or no later than within 30 days from the day we received the product or, if it is a service, the notification that you have regretted. You must pay the return costs yourself when you return the item. We always pay the return cost for sending back so-called replacement goods.

See also the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Distance Contracts Act, as well as the EU’s common dispute resolution page

Items that have been complained about may be sold as second-hand sorting or given away. Even products with a personal touch that are returned will not be discarded, but only products that are not functional or harmful to health will be confiscated.

Upon order confirmation, you have approved Mugly’s terms of purchase.